CDT is currently taking orders for running components in rotating equipment, including
mechanical seal faces, bearings, bushings and shafts.  We can grind to your print, or treat
components that you send to us.  Full up mechanical seal assemblies can also be produced.
CDT Introduces robust, enhanced SiC running surface to improve
running component performance in rotating equipment for the fluid
handling Industry.  This revolutionary technology has been
demonstrated the ability to run in flashing fluid or dry conditions, in an
inert gas or vacuum.
This performance will solve problems and add value for customers in the following ways:
  • Ideal for bad actors and premature failures due to process upset
  • Reduce or eliminate failures from process upsets, thus increasing MTBF
  • Run up to 40 times longer, thus lengthening MTBM
  • Run cooler, enabling your customers to run fluid loops at higher temperatures
  • Save up to 10% of the energy required to operate rotating equipment
The CDT process converts the materials already sintered into the carbide, without adding a
dissimilar material which can be prone to delamination.  The process removes the silicon, and
promotes the growth of carbon species at the surface which include graphite and
nanocrystalline diamond.  The process does not add any dimension, thus can be performed
on finished components such as mechanical seal faces, bearings, bushings or shafts.
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